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  Edit multiple files Multiple files sim-ultaneously, with up to 2 views per file
  User language define system
  Tools to define the texts style
  File preview
  Spell-check supported
  Basic file administration such as copy, eliminate, change the name or update the files
  Full drag-and-drop supported
  Unicode support
  Compatibility with the text(txt, ini) and HTML files
  Edit code in C, C++ or Java programming languages
  Many more!!!

Other key features:
  • Drag and drop editing for copying and moving text between documents
  • Selected text can be case shifted and block indented, whilst characters, words and lines can be transposed as well.
  • Unlimited undo/redo capability
  • Text can be automatically aligned and indented
  • The cursor can be constrained to the text, or can be positioned freely in the document view
  • Visible bookmarks can be placed on individual lines
  • A built-in file manager for file copying, renaming and deleting
  • Print preview and print with customisable headers/footers and page breaks
  • Clip libraries used for reusable portions of text to insert into documents
  • Clipboard history allows FreeTextPad to function as a multiple clipboard tool


File types that can be opened with FreeTextPad:
Format Description
.3G2 Video file for 3G CDMA2000 multimedia services
.3GP Video file for 3G mobile phones
.AAC Audio file in Advanced Audio Coding format
.AC3 Audio file in Audio Codec 3 format
.ANI Animated cursor
.APE Audio file in Monkey's Audio format
.ASP Microsoft Active Server Page
.ASPX Microsoft Extended Active Server Page
.AVI Video file in Audio Video Interleave format
.BAK Backup file
.BIN Binary data file
.BMP Bitmap Image file
.BW Raw Black and White Bitmap
.CEL AutoDesk Animator Cel Image
.CFG Configuration file
.CUR Cursor image or animation
.CUT Dr. Halo image
.DAT Data file, e.g. winmail.dat files
.DIB Device-Independent Bitmap Graphic file
.DIVX Video file in DivX format
.DIZ Description file
.DOC Microsoft Word 97-2003
.DOCX Microsoft Word 2007+
.DTS Audio file in Digital Theater Systems format
.EMF Windows Enhanced Metafile
.EPS Encapsulated Postscript file
.FAX Fax document
.FLAC Audio file in Free Lossless Audio Codec format
.FLV Video file in Flash format for use on the Internet
.GIF Graphical Interchange Format image file
.ICB Truevision ICB Targa Image File
.ICO Icon file
.INFO Informational file
.JFIF JPEG File Interchange Format
.JP2 JPEG 2000 Core Image File
.JPC JPEG 2000 Code Stream File
.JPE JPEG Image File
.JPEG JPEG Image File
.JPG JPEG Image File
.M4A Audio file in MPEG-4 Audio Layer format
.M4V Video file in iTunes format
.MANIFEST Application manifest file
.MKA Audio file in Matroska Audio Stream format
.MKV Video file in Matroska format
.MOV Video file in QuickTime Movie format
.MP2 Audio file in MPEG-1 Audio Layer II format
.MP3 Audio file in MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III format
.MP4 Video file that uses MPEG-4 compression
.MPA Audio file in MPEG Audio File format
.MPC Audio file in Musepack Compressed Audio format
.MPEG Video file in MPEG format
.MPG Video file in MPEG format
.OFR Audio file in OptimFrog Audio format
.OGG Audio file in Ogg Vorbis Audio format
.OGM Video file in Ogg Media format
.PAL Dr. Halo image
.PBM Portable Bitmap Image
.PCC ZSoft Paintbrush image
.PCD Kodak Photo-CD image
.PCX ZSoft Paintbrush image
.PDD Adobe PhotoDeluxe Image
.PDF Adobe Portable Document Format
.PGM Portable Gray Map Image
.PHP Hypertext Preprocessor File
PIC Generic Picture File
.PNG Portable Network Graphics Image file
.PNM Portable Any Map Image
.PPM Portable Pixmap Image File
.PSD Adobe Photoshop Image file
.PSP Paint Shop Pro Image file
.RA Audio file in Real Audio format
.RAS Sun Raster Graphic image file
.RGB RGB Bitmap image file
.RGBA SGI RGBA Image file
.RLA SGI Alias/Wavefront RLA image
.RLE Run Length Encoded Bitmap
.RM Video file in Real Media format
.RMVB Video file in Real Media Variable Bit Rate format
.RPF SGI Alias/Wavefront RPF image file
.RTF Rich Text Format
.SGI Silicon Graphics Image File
.TGA Truevision TGA Targa Image File
.TIF Tagged Image File
.TIFF Tagged Image File
.TMP Temporary file
.TTA Audio file in The True Audio Codec format
.TXT Text file
.VDA Truevision VDA Targa Image File
.VOB Video file in DVD format
.VST Truevision VST Targa Image File
.WAV Audio file in Waveform Audio format
.WIN Truevision WIN Targa Image File
.WMA Audio file in Windows Media Audio format
.WMF Windows Meta File
.WMV Video file in Windows Media Video format
.XLS Microsoft Excel File
.XLSX Microsoft Excel 2007+ File